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ICT Services - Annual Customer Survey (Internal use only)

Instructions for the completion and return of this Questionnaire

Please complete this form and return by Friday 18th November 2005. If you would like a hard copy to complete, contact me on the details below.

This survey aims to provide information about how the users of the IT Service feel about its performance. The survey is conducted annually, at the end of the year. The results will help me assess the performance of the external IT contractor against last year’s results. They are important because the contract requires that, where applicable, performance is improved year on year.

Results from last year showed an improvement in performance for all Steria supported services.

Suggestions from last year’s survey have been implemented where appropriate and comments have been taken into consideration.

As well as precise questions about how you regard specific services, I have taken the opportunity of asking you about the service generally and making any suggestions that you may have for future development.

When answering the questions, please ensure that you:

(i) Answer for yourself personally, and not for your colleagues or your team as a whole. Please note that questionnaires are being sent to all employees and councillors.

(ii) Select one answer only, choosing that which most nearly represents your view.

(iii) If you have used the service, select the answer that most nearly represents your view of its CURRENT level of performance. If you use the service a lot, you should form a view of the current performance taking into account all your recent experiences - i.e. frequent users should not mark the service purely on the results of the most recent experience if you feel that this was not representative of the current general level of service provided.

Service labels can be confusing. I have included a short description of our definition of the service before each question. These definitions are based on those included in the contract’s Service Specification. If you feel that the level of service specified is not correct, please say so under Question 10, but mark the performance of the service at its currently specified level. For example, you may feel that any kind of problem with a piece of computer equipment you are using must always be resolved within the hour. However, the Service Specification has a lower level of service standard, requiring that 75% of such problems must be cleared on the day the call is made to the Help Desk.

Many thanks

Jane Maughan
IT Client Officer
Tel: 01962 848209 (Internal 2209)



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